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Answer 1:

I suspect a part of google domains has blocked by Great Firewall so you can try to bypass it as use Mudfish DNS Client then you should better set your node up to Hong Kong or Taiwan

You can try to the instruction to get the Mudfish chrome extension(.crx)

Downloading the CRX file CRX files are downloaded using the following template CRX


Where: [EXTENSION_ID] is the extension ID from the Chrome Webstore.

This can be retrieved from the Chrome Webstore URL for that extension, which has the form[...]/[EXTENSION_ID] [VERSION] is the Chromium browser version.

For example, cjpalhdlnbpafiamejdnhcphjbkeiagm is the extension id of uBlock Origin, and 69.0 is for the 69.0.x.x browser versions.

This URL can be used directly by CLI utilities like curl and wget, but it can also be used via a custom search engine.

To set up the custom search engine, create a new entry in chrome://settings/searchEngines, using the template CRX URL as the search URL above after replacing [EXTENSION_ID] with %s.

Then, set chrome://flags/#extension-mime-request-handling to Download as regular file.

Installing the CRX file There are several methods to install CRX file: Always install extension MIME type requests Change the flag chrome://flags/#extension-mime-request-handling to Always prompt for install.

Then when using the CRX URL from the omnibox or the custom search engine, the browser will prompt for installation. Drag and drop

NOTE: There are certain circumstances where this method fails on KDE Plasma.

NOTE for Chromium 67 and newer: If the Material Design page is used (which has been default before 67), “Developer mode” of chrome://extensions/ (a switch at the top right corner) must be enabled for drag and drop to function. (Discovered in [#423](

Steps: Have the CRX downloaded to your file system Open chrome://extensions Drag-and-drop the CRX from a file browser into the page of the extensions tab. While dragging over the page, it should state to drop the file to install.

External Extension Descriptor (Linux systems only) This example assumes the CRX is downloaded as /home/share/extension_1_0_0.crx. Modify the path as necessary.

To install an extension with ID aaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbcccccccccc, create the file /usr/share/chromium/extensions/aaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbcccccccccc.json with following content: { "external_crx": "/home/share/extension_1_0_0.crx", "external_version": "1.0.0" } After restarting the browser, the extension should be loaded automatically.

Answer 2: You can confirm if Mudfish firefox WebExtension working at